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A 5 page paper on network security with 5 references NETWORK SECURITY Let us go back, twelve years. Where's Internet? Concentrated in the cables that connect the offices and cubicles of the American ministry of defense. Things were simple, and despite the sensitive nature of the data transferred no body talked about net work security, no body knew what was to follow. Some how a revolution was triggered, the information net burst out of its official mould, a chain reaction started and took the whole world over.

Today we live in parallel worlds. We might walk into a multimillion dollar corporate office, observe the firm in all its physical stature, meet those who represent it and when we will walk out we will realize that what we have just seen is such a partial view of the enterprise for a more important firm, by the same name and worth and staff exists in a world where bytes are the basic building unit.

That world and that part of the firm are just as real and important as the physical one. And just like in any other world, crimes also happen in this virtual world, crimes like theft, seldom of money, but mostly of information (the currency of today).

When there are crimes there has got to be inspectors, protectors and defenders. Perhaps no body can really tell when the first cyber theft took place, but every body knows that these thefts their nature and defense against them drives multimillion dollar industries. As so much of business is going online with their employees connected through Intranets and LAN networks information floats in air. Some of this information is very sensitive and its breach or secure delivery may at times stand apart with billions of dollars in between. For an average man there is...