I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden         I read the novel I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg, also known as Hannah Green. The date of publication was on April, 1964 published by Rinehart and Winston Holt and the place of publication was in Canada. The source of my book was from the San Bernardino County Library in Chino Hills. I chose this book because the title seemed interesting. Also, the cover of the book made me think more of what the book would be about and so I checked it out and began reading the first chapter. At first it wasn't as interesting, but as I began reading one of the middle chapters and noticed the activities that occur, I started reading the book over again knowing that it would come to the good parts soon. This book was also an attention grabber by the page numbers it had.

I was looking for a thick book with many page numbers instead of a small book with only a few. So, in that case I Never Promised You A Rose Garden was a good book since it had 300 pages.

        The author, Hannah Green, is really Joanne Greenberg. Her writing name is Hannah Green and she is known for all her works under that name as well. Joanne was born on September 24, 1932 in Brooklyn, New York and is still alive until today. Her parents are Julius Lester and Rosalie (Bernstein) Goldenberg. She was educated at the American University, B.A. Ms. Greenberg is also Jewish. Her agent is Lisel Eisenheimer with the William Morris Agency. Her careers include writing, which was a hobby of hers for twenty years, and she is currently a teacher's assistant in a rural school teaching etymology to the sixth grade experimental...