The New Grandma

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The New Grandma                                         It was a beautiful day in July. I was a half-decade-old, at the time I was notified of a trip to California, it was actually to a Sea World with Shamu a giant killer whale. But my older brothers told me it was to see our grandparents (Older brothers like to torment younger siblings). When we went to Sea World, Disney Land I was the luckiest boy in the whole world.

Not many kids could say that they did all of this in a few days, on a trip to see your grandparents. My grandma has something about here that makes you feel safe and comfortable. That is why I now consider her my real grandma, even though she's my grandma through marriage. Every time we go there, we have to rebuild our relationship. Focusing on making this relationship last and continue on strong.

        The whole family went there by a large Greyhound bus. The ride was long and boring. "Is Grandpas house far from here?" Mom replied, "Oh yeah, we're a long ways away." "Man this sucks." I said.

"Don't say sucks." Mom said.

"Yeah dummy." Justin yelled.

"Don't call your brother a dummy." Mom replied.

There wasn't much scenery to see. There were only fields. We detoured at every little town of every state we drove through. It was a lifetime. I was constantly being hitting by my brothers, Chad and Justin for my whining. My mom gave me a Rubik's cube block where you have to match all the same colors with each other. I couldn't figure it out so I threw it in my bag and left it there. When we arrived I was bruised and exhausted. The whole ride took about two days, I think.

        The first meeting of Nana was a complete stairdown. Her skin was very dark, as if she was tanning. Long hair. A Georgian accent. I liked her.

"How was you all's trip?" she asked.

"Well it was not fun." I answered.

"Why's that?" she asked.

"Well"¦" mom interrupted me.

"Let's go see Grandpa, huh," mom said.

                My grandpa had some different kind of shorts that were swimming trunks. I hadn't seen him in two years. He was different. From the image I remember of him. He's Taller, Balder, and grayer hair. He was like a large child-acting all goofy and childish, trying to be cool. "Graaandpa," I said with excitement.

        "What's up dudes?" We laughed and then hugged him.

        "Why do you have them on?" I said.

Grandpa said, "I have a giant pool in the backyard, you guys wanna go swimmin?"         Immediately I ran to the bathroom and threw on the first shorts I could find in my suitcase. I darted straight for the back door to the swimming pool. But there was a roadblock of the back door it was Jenny the Chihuahua, she would bite anyone that ran, I slowed down, and began to walk.

        I asked, "Jenny, want a cookie?" I threw her a cookie from the ice cream bucket on the shelf above her food dish and she ran by the front door. So I darted to the pool. My legs like springs boinged me into the pool making the biggest splash ever.

        My brother Justin hopped in, naturally I bounced out of the pool, for the fear that he would drown me. "See ya." I said.

He said, "Why are you leaving?" "Because I'm scared." "You wimp." he replied.

While in the house; like fire my eyes began to burn. My ears listened to my mom and Nana's conversation. Of boredom I moved closer kind of like a spy. Then, close by the door I fell in the door.

"Adam what are you doing?" nana asked.

"Well"¦the door was stuck so I fell into it." sneakily covering it up.

        "I'm going to see grandpa, ok?" mom said.

Nana began starting a conversation with me.

        "Adam finally we get to sit down and talk, just you and me." Talking about any and everything. My eyes in a daze just nodding and saying "Uh-huh." It was a heated sunny day; my legs jolted me into the pool for a few hours. I had fun playing with all the little pool toys, such as the long tube that can hold you up and the mat that lets you float around (such as a bed type thing). My mom's addiction to shopping led us into town for a few hours. She took grandpa's car. Chad had his permit at the time.

He asked, "Hey mom can I drive?" "Yeah right, what are you kidding?" she said "This is a Cadillac, and it's grandpas, I don't think so." We returned. Grandma's daughter and family were there. I finally had an accomplice to play with that was my age. I was actually having a good time. My ears lingered to my cousin, asking his mom if I could go with them to Sea World.

        His mom said, "I suppose, but only if it's alright with his mom." My mom said, "No you can't, only if we all go." So we all went and had a great time. We saw all the great animal shows with the seals and dolphins. Nana told me all about the animals. How old they were, and what types of tricks they do. Making it more exciting knowing the facts then watching the show. Striving to make this relationship between us work.

        We went back at the house, where we stayed for three days more. On the last day, Grandpa asked, "How would you all like to go to Disney Land?" This time it was everyone except my cousin and his family.

Our first ride was the most fun. The ride consisted of going up about a thirty-foot ramp going into a dark tunnel and shooting down at a very fast speed into a lake of water, becoming soaked in water (that was the only ride that I really remember). We were just about to leave when my brother Chad said,         "Oh crap it's starting to pour out."         That's when my mom said, "Were leavin anyway." So Nana covered me for I wouldn't get wet from the rain. She rode with me in the back seat.

        She asked me, "Did ya have fun there?"         "Yeah, I had lots of fun." "Thanks."         "Your very welcome sugar." she replied. "From now on anytime you guys come down. Me and you are gonna have a good time just you and me." We stayed for a few more hours. For the time being I felt close to Nana. My grandma. The trip to the plane was very sad. Crushing. I knew I wouldn't see them for a while. We began to board the bird when I saw droplets fall from my mother's eyes, my grandparents too.

        Nana said, "I'm sure gonna miss you guys."         We all said, "We're gonna miss you too grandpa and Nana." Nana said, "I'm especially gonna miss you Adam." "Well call ya all the time." they said I was very scared because it was the first time I flew. The ride home was much better. Everything on the ground looked like miniatures. The cars looking like hot wheels. It's great. My insides bouncing around like pinballs as we went down to land.

        When we arrived, my aunt was there to pick us up. We were hours from home; my brothers fell asleep from the long exhausting trip. The view wasn't clear. My head bobbling up and down trying to stay alert. I felt like getting back at them for tormenting me while we were there, but I was exhausted.

        I kept asking my mom, "Are we there yet?" or else, "How longs it gonna be?"         She kept telling me, "No!" or "Shut up!" Finally. I just shut up and went to sleep. I was out. Not hearing a thing. The whole trip back felt longer than the time we spent with grandma and grandpa.