News Writing for Beginners.

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News Writing for Beginners

Thousands of articles are written everyday for newspapers, magazines and journals. Writing an article not only follows a distinct style, it can encompass all topics. The elements involved in writing an article create an easy understanding for the reader. The most important aspect of the article is to grab the reader's attention; the writer does this by using a quote, a shocking statement or allowing the reader to become a part of the article. Once the reader is hooked the writer can apply the elements which include, the five W's and an H which are who, what, where, when and how.

The 'who' is the doer of the action or important information. The 'what' is the action taking place. The 'when' tells the time the action is happening, and the 'why' explains the action in the lead. How usually describes the manner in which the action occurs.

Once these elements are in place, the reader has a clear indication of what the writer is trying to convey. It allows the writer to elaborate on the topic and persevere with the article. Other elements the writer should take note of include accuracy, balance, direct quotes, timelines, proximity, and conflict.

Accuracy allows for details to be given in a clear and concise manner. It is closely related to the balance. A balanced story is also a complete story, where the reporter presents both sides of an issue in a factual and truthful manner. Direct quotes create a valid article. Writers can use a professional, people in interest of the issue, or the person the article is about, depending on the topic of the article. Timeline and proximity simply refer to the nearness of the event. The more recent the story and the closer it is to the readers...