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Nice Body, Language Communication is key in our time. Communication is found through many different ways. People email and chat over the Internet. We talk to people over the phone and write letters to one and other. Yet one of the most influential and important ways of communication is in a way we hardly ever notice consciously, through body language or non-verbal communication. Body language is our way as humans of communicating very specific feelings, moods and desires we might not have otherwise communicated verbally.

Two of the most studied forms of non-verbal communication is in the work place and in our schools. The body language a teacher gives off to toward a student or students play enormous roles in the rearing of the child for future education. The case of body language is also true for the business person. His body language toward a client or customer plays an important role in whether a customer feels comfortable enough to make a sale.

To prove or disprove the non-verbal communication theory, I looked back upon my own experiences in school and in work for insight.

After reading Peter Farb's article In Other Words, I thought back to when I might have had an experience in school, at a young age, where my teacher's body language might have led me to a negative impression on the teacher and upon school as well. All I ever really received form most teachers were verbal negatives. Though that was not the case for my second year teacher in elementary school. Thinking back, I realize that I was not necessarily the most intelligent student, yet I was not a trouble maker, at least up to that point. I don't believe that I ever gave anyone the impression that I was reluctant to...