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After looking at this title, to my knowledge, I think that this title has one main reason to it. This reason is that the 'night and day' suggests that this may be a performance about a specific group of people. For example, the play would be about these people all day and night. I think that this play could be shown twice during a day. Another showing could be about what happens during the day, and the night showing could show what these characters do in the night. E.g. this could include unsuitable scenes, which are not for the younger children (scenes which include sexual content).

For this play, there are two versions. There is one version, which is cut slightly to minimize sexual contents and this is shown during the day. The other version is the uncut version. This version includes all the scenes (suitable and unsuitable scenes). This version is shown late in the night because this is the time when most adults are up to watch this programme.

At present, there are many other soaps, which are currently being shown on TV. A prime example of a very popular soap is 'Eastenders'. The difference between these two titles is that one title tells us the name of an area and the other tells us about normal daily life. I think that the title Eastenders may be a soap, which is about more people and more outdoor life. This is because the title 'NIGHT AND DAY' is about a group of people living in a community; the play is only focused on this. Also the video to this soap when it starts shows the names and pictures of the actors in the play, whereas 'Eastenders' shows a birds-eye-view of the East side of London, and thus this is one of the main reasons why I have come to a decision about the main reason about the titling about the different soaps.

In this soap, there are pre-credit sequences. This is a good device to remind the viewers of what happened in the last episode. I think that this is a good device because overall it helps to improve the appearance of the play. To my knowledge, I think that the producers of 'Night and Day' have chosen to include pre-credit sequences in order to make sure that their viewers remember exactly what happened in the previous episode. However if the viewer forgets what happened in the previous episode, they may decide not to watch the programme again because they forgot what happened.

In 'Night and Day', there is a use of title credits. Again this is a good device because it tells the viewers who is who. Title credits are a sequence of names of all the people who are acting in the show. Also there are names of the producers and directors of the show. 'Night and Day' has a different type of title credits that they show in the start of the play. In the title credits, the real name of the actor is told, followed by their acting name, and also you would be able to see a video of something that they are doing in the play, however the video clips only lasts for about 2-5 seconds 'Night and Day' has a different type of music for it's showing when compared to other soaps in England. For example, 'Eastenders', this show has music played while the actors are being introduced, in the title credit section. The type of music that 'Eastenders' has is that it is slower and calmer. 'Night and Day' on the other hand has a very fast beat to it. The music is not as calm as 'Eastenders' because the music 'Night and Day' has more instruments playing in it. I think that this music is directly aimed at teenagers and young adults. This is because nowadays teenagers and young adults like to listen to music which has some drumbeat to it and which has a fast tune. Therefore the theme music from 'Night and Day' would be a perfect rhythm/tune for the young generation to listen to.

In 'Night and Day' there are three main story lines that are currently taking place. These story lines are: - The circumcision, Alex's ex girlfriend returning, and the wanting of the tape, which was stolen from the house.

In the play, Alex's ex girlfriend 'Sadie' returns, however the disappearance of Jane is parallel to the returning of the girlfriend. I think that this sense of patterning deconstructs the verisimilitude of the programme. This is because Jane disappears during her birthday party. This suggests to me that this may have been a plan to bring back Sadie, but to make sure that there was not a lot of problems about this, someone in the play decided to abduct Jane, therefore by doing this, all the attention would be on Jane's disappearance.

In this play there is a wide range of characters that are used. There is also a very wide age difference, which to my knowledge is a good device to use in a soap. This is because this soap is aimed at teenagers or the young adults. However you will get much older people watching this program therefore if there are some actors who are the age of these older people, the viewers will be into the program because they will have someone who is nearly the same age as them acting.

The impression that we get about the characters about their wardrobes is that the clothes are of a good standard. All the characters are wearing clothes, which are in fashion. This is a good thing because if the actors were not wearing good clothes, this would degrade their appearance, therefore the play would seem boring, furthermore this would drop the number of viewers that this soap has.

The location of 'Night and Day' is that this play is mostly set in Greenwich. Around the area that this play is set in, there is not a pub in which the people (actors) could socialise. This means that the actors would socialise within their own surroundings. In this play, there are some good locations. To my knowledge, these locations improved the overall appearance of the play. This is because if the locations are good in play, the atmosphere would also be good. Also if a place in which the play is shot in is attractive, the play would also boost its appearance and style. Therefore this may mean that the soap has more viewers because the viewers would have something to look at, e.g. the scenery of where the play is shot. For example, if a play was set in a dark and gloomy area, which has no meaning to it, the focus of the viewer's attention would be on this. The viewers would be thinking 'why have the producers chosen this setting?' Eastenders has a slogan, which is 'Everybody's talking about it'. 'Night and Day' does not have a slogan, but the name of play, 'Night and Day' tells us a lot about this program. I think that this name is used because as I have mentioned before, this is not a play about a lot of people like 'Eastenders', it is a play about a small amount of people who are living in a small, modern community. The Night and the Day may suggest that this play focuses on the characters for the majority of the time. The camera would be aimed at the main actors for most of the time.

'Night and Day' uses a lot of techniques in the play. The techniques, which are used, are: - Dream sequences, flashbacks, and music/sounds. I think that all off these are good devices to use because they all have an important role to play in the act. I think that one off the best devices that is used is the flashbacks. Flashbacks are used a lot in this play. In the start of the play, during the title credits, flashbacks are shown of some previous clips that the actors may have been indulged in, in the play.

Music and sounds is also a very good device, which is used a lot in 'Night and Day'. This is because the music sets the mood up for the play. I think that by using music and sounds in a play, you could portray an image, which cannot be said or done by words. This is because, for example, if there is a sad scene, you cannot play music in the background which is fast, because it would not match what is going on, however if u played slow, calm music in the background, the scene would look and sound much better because if the actions of the actors cannot be distinguished by the viewer, the music may enable the viewer to understand what is going on.

During the play, the use of camera angles is also of a high standard. There are many angles used, for example, when some people are standing, the camera would go around them, this is a good effect because it shows you the surroundings of the place that the scene is taking place in.

I think that all of the techniques used in this play create a sense of atmosphere, which makes the play seem real. This is because off all the story lines that are taking place. The story lines are based on normal life. For example, the circumcision story. This is something, which has to be done in the normal life. The play is about families and about their social life around the Greenwich area, London.