Night by Elie Wiesel

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! We learn through Ellie Wiesel's memoir of Night that we will be changed forever if we are exposed to the horrific and evil concentration camps of World War Two. Adolf Hitler implemented laws to dehumanize Jews because he blamed them for Germany's economic depression. He did this by creating the worlds biggest genocide in history. To avoid this reoccurrence, Ellie Wiesel helps us to understand a victims struggles and challenges living in a concentration camp. It starts when 15-year-old Elizer and his religious, hard working family are moved from their home in Signet, Hungary to Germany's largest Concentration Camp called Auschwitz. Through the character Elizer we learn that no matter how innocent, religious and good your values and beliefs are, when living in a death factory you will need to make changes in order to survive. ! Lastly Ellie's experiences teach us that, no matter how much our life changes and how difficult a situation becomes we still have the right to make choices. In Signet Ellie was an innocent child that had all his needs met. He enjoyed the freedom of choice whereby he chose to spend most of his spare time praying and learning about God with the goal to study it further. However, this drastically changed when the Auschwitz Officials democratically striped the young boy of many choices from what he ate, and what he did. He said, the Nazi Officials banished many of the prisoner's choices such as, "They brought us soup. Tormented … by hunger, I refused to touch it. I was still the spoiled child l always had been. By the third day l was eating any kind of soup hungrily." Ellie's new life was surrounded by death, the dying and torture however, he proved that through sheer determination and hope you still...