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I chose the Nike organization for my social responsibility report because sports have always influenced me. Nike is one of the largest companies in the world to produce sporting goods. These products may range from high end baseball bats to complete clothing lines including famous brands such as the Air Jordan line. At a point in time Nike was in trouble for abusing child labor laws overseas, this is no longer a problem they became much more socially responsible and pushed their company into the twenty first century.

Nike is currently plotting a campaign spending over three hundred and fifteen million dollars through 2011 on things like grants, product donations and support with there products to help support athletics all over the world. By doing this Nike is helping the world in ways that you can never count in numbers. Study's have shown that more athletes tend to stay away from drugs and alcohol than non athletes.

Children that participate in athletics throughout their lives are more likely to be in shape as well as they are growing. In some cases it has shown that playing athletics as a child helps improve their mathematical skills and promotes leadership in a child. All of these things that Nike is doing for the world and giving back is changing the world for the better.

As well as giving back to the world Nike is also giving back to their own. After all happy workers make for more efficient ones. By 2011 they plan on helping many workers protect their rights. Nike plans on eliminating excessive overtime in contract factories. This will help protect the interest of human rights in foreign countries. Nike is also planning on implementing human resources management. These are a couple of the things Nike is doing to better...