Nokia Business Level Strategy

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Think about a company (preferably that we are all familiar with) which applied one of the corporate-level strategies in the past. Describe the situation clearly that the other students get a picture of the situation.

Create a new thread on the discussion board. Title the thread with something that helps others on the discussion board know the general content of your contribution to the discussion.

Answer the following questions in your post:

What corporate-level strategy was applied?

What were the advantages to apply this strategy and what were the risks?

What was the implementation method for the new business?

Why do you think this method was preferred and why were the other methods not adopted?

For this week's discussion board, I chose to analyze the corporate-level strategies that Nokia has adopted to reach the present level.

Nokia currently is in the telecommunications solutions business which includes the following industries:

Mobile device manufacturing

Mobile device communication

Mobile device accessories

Applications for mobile devices.

The four industries are strictly connected to one another, and the telecommunications sector has experienced a huge growth and evolution during the past years, which is the reason why Nokia has passed from focusing only on the manufacturing of mobile devices, to take care also of all the extra applications and features that characterize the modern mobile phones. In order for Nokia to sustain their competitive advantage within the industry, the company had to create additional value-added features and services to its mobile device industry. Starting from cameras, to maps, internet, gaming and media applications to video and music, Nokia had to add value to its products by providing convenience, simplifying the devices and providing innovation. Nokia added these additional services and features to be able to stay in line with their vision, which involves a world where...