Obasan by Joy Kogawa. chapter-by-chapter analysis with discussion questions.

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Chapters 1-8

So far, this book seems different than other books I have read. I don't know if it will hold my attention or if it will be very interesting to me. The idea of having a Japanese Canadian is pretty surprising. It seems that the main character Naomi is very close with her uncle. He is old though and reminds her everyone eventually has to die. She pretty much denies that idea as I would too if I heard that coming from someone I loved. Also, her uncle keeps telling her he has something to tell her but she is too young. It makes me wonder what that is.

It seems that this author is writing this story through memories and flashbacks. It is hard to tell what is real and what is just a dream. I found on page four this quote, " He does not respond. From both Obasan and Uncle I have learned that speech often hides like and animal in a storm."

I really like this because its true, you can be around someone yet there is nothing to say and you are speechless. Whether it is because you are in a fight, someone has died, or maybe you are just intimidated.

1. Do you think Uncle will die? (using the foreshadowing)

2. How do you like reading a story made up mainly of flashbacks?

3. What is your favorite quote so far in the story?

1. Chapter five seems important and interesting. Obasan wakes Naomi late at night and brings her to the attic searching for something although Naomi is unaware of what it may be. It seems to relate to the forgotten dead, as Obasan says "Everybody someday dies."

2. Chapter six was interesting. This chapter is completely a dream while Naomi Nakane...