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An Object Orientation Approach provides a tangible model that identifies design requirements that are necessary for the implementation of a system. It includes the organizations structure down to its lowest levels, thus insuring that all critical components are investigated and implemented to ensure proper functionality. The OO approach also includes the processes that the system will integrate into the system, along with the information that these processes generate and utilize to achieve the system's goals.

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach of OO that brings about the possibility of a successful system. The focus is that of a customer's needs and of course system functionality. This is achieved by first documenting the system requirements then proceeding with design and system validation. Systems engineering creates a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to implementation, taking both the business and technical requirements of the system into consideration to create a solution that will benefit the customer.

There are several different processes by which systems Engineering is performed under the OOA:

·Reverse Engineering is the process of disassembling, from the top down, a program's code back into its infancy state. This process is not only performed in order to improve a system's performance but also to retrieve lost source codes, study the program's performance in certain operations, and even repair viruses and other errors. When utilizing this engineering process on software you will utilize various tools for disassembly such as a hexadecimal dumper. This tool displays the binary code in a hexadecimal format to simplify the understanding of the program. Another tool, the disassembler reads the code and then displays all executables in text form. A disassembler cannot distinguish between executables and data used by the program so they will also use a debugger that keeps the disassembler from...