Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken

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Such was a famous quote by Adolf Hitler. He was certainly one of the most influencing political rulers in history. Hitler was a brilliant speaker, he believes himself is sent by god to be the dictator of Germany. This is what kept him keep going as most would have given up. Being a great organizer, he's Nazi party kept increasing its size and became the most popular party in Germany in 1932, having 230 seats at Reichstag election. After the death of Stresemann and the Street Wall crash in USA, a world economic depression, Germany again was sank into the long bitterness. The unemployment rose from 1.8million to 6 million, industrial production fell by 42 per cent and agricultural prices practically collapsed, many farmers were bankrupt. This have lead to an exaggerate feeling against the Weimar Republic, especially within the middle class and leading figures in business, agriculture and the army.

Germans were very angry and stressed. After being released from the prison, Hitler have changed his style of gaining power from being impulsive and forceful to a legal skillful politician. After 1929 the depression in German, Hitler and his Nazi party have kept gaining favor. The three most important reasons of Hitler appointed as Chancellor in 1933 were, the long term bitterness in economics made people favor his 25 point programmer, the weak constitution and government

The fury and pain among the Germans were unsettled, during the Golden Age of Weimar 1924-1929 things were being held down but not for long. In 1929, after the Americans have stopped their support in loans, Germans economics have sank down once again. The anger among the people rose once more. Germans were livid about the Treaty of Versailles, they believe it was unfair as they weren't allowed to take...