Office Automation and Group Collaboration

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My organization uses many different types of office automation but only one type of group collaboration software. For this report I will list the most important and provide an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all the software mentioned.

The specific types of office automation software consist of procurement desktop (Oracle Advanced Procurement) software, automatic time and attendance software (Quicken), electronic messaging/electronic mail (Lotus Notes), and Microsoft Word. The only collaborative software used in this branch is video conferencing.


The advantage associated with the Oracle Advanced Procurement Software is the Procurement Contract feature. It allows the user to create a solicitation, from a template that has already been created, allow bidders to place their bids in an electronic format which is attached to the solicitation, and finally it allows the user to receive these bids electronically and create a contract from the solicitation that was already created.

Oracle Procurement Contracts allow you to take control of your contract lifecycle, from authoring and negotiation through implementation, enforcement, evaluation, and closeout. (Oracle 2006) An additional time saving advantage this system offers is it builds off the original document. Every time a modification is issued to the contract, it keeps the pertinent information in memory so you do not have to retype it again.

The disadvantage of this application is that it is an internet based program and it does not allow for any type of special features to be used in the text (for instance, you cannot use bold, center, and justify). Only one user can view the document at any given time. When the server to the internet is down, the program cannot be used and the more individuals using this system, the slower it becomes; it is very costly to operate.

The advantages associated...