The Ogre

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Once upon a time there was a hideous ogre. Many village people thought of him as a belligerent beast who had to be mean since he were as ugly as he was. Well one day when the ogre went to meander around his swamp, he found a village man who seemed to gather up all of his dexterity to confront the ogre. "Where is my live stock ogre?" Asked the man. "How am I supposed to know?" asked the ogre. "You're an ogre! A big stupid, stealing, ugly, ogre." screamed the man. "I'll give you five seconds to tell me where you placed them." Said the man. "Listen I don't have them, so get off my property" yelled the ogre. "Okay, since you want to be a problem, I guess ill have to get rid of you" threatened the man. And with his manifest number of arrows in his sack he shot them at the ogre.

"STOP" shrieked the ogre, running from the arrows fling at him.

And since the man didn't think the regular arrows would kill the ogre he inflamed them before he shot them towards the ogre. Now the ogre sees where the situation is going to he decides to fight back. With his great strength he picked up a tree out of his roots and threw it on the man. The man screamed a terrible sound, loud enough for all the village people to hear in the village. The ogre knew that there would be havoc among him, if the village people found out that he injured one of their own they would come to kill him. So, he killed him, by eating him. So after he ate the man alive he receded into his house to watch television. Fervent to the man's call the...