Once upon a time there was a land full of

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Once upon a time there was a land full of nothing. It was a bunch of open Space with nothing or no one to fill it. Then one day Zeus the king of the Gods sent down Hephaestus, the God of fire to fill the land and make use of it. Well this was a bad idea to send the god of fire to make use of the land. Zeus knew it was, but he was testing Hephaestus to see if this was the only power he had to offer. If he discovered could do more than he would be granted a partner with this extra power to help him.

Immediately after Hephaestus was given this land he had started a fire but what he didn't realize was that the land was very dry and it didn't take long for the fire to have spread. Well Hephaestus began to panic and pleaded for Zeus to fix his bad work, but Zeus told him to find the power within to fix it.

Hephaestus did not know how to fix this so he had took the words Zeus told him with him and went off in search of a way to fix his problem. He pondered for hours trying to figure out what to do. Then finally it had dawned on him that when Zeus told him to use the power within that he was testing him. So Hephaestus began to think of a way to solve his problem and he came up with ice. He yelled to Zeus, "I wish to have a Queen of ice come to me to help me solve this problem." Zeus replied from the heavens, "You have thought of a very good solution and solved this problem on your own so now I grant you the Queen of Ice, Snowmalla." Down she came from the hand of Zeus and covers the land in ice to melt the fire. The problem was solved and the Snowmalla followed Hephaestus every where he went and started solving all his problems.