One day of the life in Ivan Shukhov.

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The camp in which Shukhov is imprisoned is designed to attack the prisoners' physically and spiritually. Living condition is horrible. Bunks do not have sheets; prisoners eat only six ounces of bread per meal; and guards force prisoners to undress for body searches at temperature less than forty degrees. They replace prisoners' names with official combinations of letters and number. For example, the camp Guards refer to Shukhov as "S-854". However, Shukhov always shows the way to solve those difficulties with his human dignity

The laws and punishment within the labor camp are as unjust as those outside the camp. Shukhov gets into trouble and is threatened with three days in the cooler not for any active wrongdoing but simply for being ill. One of the fellows, Buynovsky receives ten days in the cooler for trying to keep himself warm with wearing an extra vest Neither Shukhov and Buynovsky did anything wrong to harm anyone.

Such harsh retribution for such a small offenses is absurd. However, you can do nothing about it. So Shukhov always tries his best to stay away with troubles. He hopes that it will bring him safeness for the next two years.

Cold is a physically represented the coldness with the officers of the camp that how they treat the prisoners. Wearing ratty prison clothes would be degrading enough for the summer, but wearing them in the biting winter makes constant suffering a part of their prison sentence. Guards force prisoners to undress for body searches at temperatures of forty below. That is totally ridiculous. They force the prisoners to undress body in that cold but they only "allow" two people on the sick list each day. I would expect more than two sicknesses in each day. Also, they have to take off their hat during...