Oppinion paper on the film/ documentary "Super-Size Me"

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The movie "Supersize Me" portrayed some astonishing results on the individual performing his "experiment." It gave some definite ideas as to why the United States is currently the "fattest" country in the world. However, when one takes into account this mans dietary habits and exercise habits before beginning the experiment, and realizes that all this fattening food and lack of exercise was completely out of character for him, it seems obvious that he would gain an astonishing amount of weight.

The drastic change of diet and exercise (from an almost vegan diet and strict workout routine to no work out routine and all high fat, high calorie foods) was a shock to his metabolism, his brain, his kidneys, his liver, his stomach, and I am sure a variety of other bodily organs that one couldn't even begin to imagine. One could liken it to a person who leads a very healthy active life and who has never taken an alcoholic drink in their lifetimes.

When someone of this caliber is persuaded to drink they immediately feel the worst effects of the alcohol, and if drinking in excess this one time may even experience alcohol poisoning. As with suddenly changing your diet to nothing but McDonald's food, the person would have to tolerance to this type of thing, and would be more at risk of getting sick and possibly even developing dependence then someone who had been eating over a lifetime.

Another striking notion of this movie to me was the idea of suing a fast-food company because the food has made people sick. Fast food is not like cigarettes in the aspect that the public was unaware of the dangers from the beginning. Fast food restaurants have never claimed that their food was healthy, nor have they denied...