Organization Culture.

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This paper concerns the challenges a manager will face with organization culture in the corporate world. Organizational culture is one of the most important aspects of an organization's ability to succeed. We know that each organization has their own special culture that is what makes or breaks a successful company. I hope to be able to identify workplace culture characteristics and the reasons why one organization's culture succeeds. Every organization develops a set of assumptions, understandings, and implicit rules to preside over culture behavior, or more popularly "corporate culture", because they often refer to the internal environment of major corporations. According to the lesson I learned from Xtreme Learning Course "Frontline Leadership: Positively Influencing the WorkplaceCulture" there are five factors that help develop and control corporate culture.

1). Corporate vision

2), Corporate products and business type

3). Corporate Change

4). Frontline Leadership

5). Innovation

The first factor of identifying workplace culture is the organization vision.

The organization vision defines the purpose, values, and future goals of the corporation. As a manager, I need to make sure that my employees do not loose sight of the companies' vision. "For the transition to be successful, people need to "buy in" and be committed. Their individual interests, values and competences must be effectively aligned with the organization vision, culture and capabilities." (St Amour, Denis 2001) As a frontline manager, I need to make sure that my employees do not loose sight of the company's vision no matter how much it changes. The next factor that influences organization culture is the corporation's products and its type of business.

As the organizations frontline manager I need to be aware of the type of products we sell and the type of business we provide. This can defiantly define your organization culture and how...