Organizational Behavior

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1.) The day I made no clear decision on structure

The purpose of an organizational structure is to align accountabilities to make sure things get done. Yet, in some organizations, management doesn't make the reporting structure clear. For instance, with the military, the Navy in specific on my ship, I borrowed some sailors from various departments for preservation to the ship.

The strategy was to insure the ship was rust free, yet with some people reporting to various petty officers of different rank levels it became very difficult to get the entire ship done in a short amount of time. Everyone felt like wish bones, with different petty officers pulling them apart.

Each Petty Officer had different goals, different directives, and different time off policies. You get the picture. By the time they would get so much progress done they would look at the start of the job and see that it needed to be done all over again, basically doing rework.

One First Petty officers was a boatswain's mate (job description is boat painter), which wasn't around much, but sent orders over the phone for what needed to be done. The other was an IC rating, which deals with computers and communications, had no idea how to do any kind of preservation to a ship. Depending on which petty officer was in the office individuals where clambering for inputs and decisions on what to do.

Making things difficult, in scheduling and where each person was suppose to work. I should have made the schedule for them and told them what to do, and how to do it. This was for me a classic example of two Petty officers not being able to do things without me making the decision for them. Recently, I put together on a new structure...