Organizational Behavior

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COMPANY A. is a joint venture company between two US company and a Chinese company There are 52 million USD investments by the partners. Full operation to have 370 fully trained and qualified employees. COMPANY A 's manufacturing segment focuses on fiber reinforced plastic commercial aircraft components produced from glass carbon, or aramid (Kevlar) reinforcing fibers in an epoxy or phenolic resin matrix with foam and honeycomb. COMPANY A employs a workforce of highly qualified and motivated employees. Employees are the company's greatest assets. For this reason, COMPANY A creates a competitive, challenging and rewarding working environment and offers opportunities to use employees' competencies, and continue their own development. Strong teamwork is the foundation for success. COMPANY A recognizes that each employee brings unique skills and innovation ideas to enterprise.


Company B is a large multi-national corporation. It is a logistics company. And the general company is in Japan.

So many staffs work in all over the world. The section we will discuss is the Tianjin Representative Office There is only 7 people, one manger, one supervisor, five custom services. The manager and one staff are from Japan, the supervisor is from HongKong and all other employees are Chinese nationals.


Learning, which refers to the acquisition of skills, knowledge, ability or attitudes, influences both the description and diagnosis of organizational behavior. Satisfied employees are continuously developing skills so they can perform their job better. The satisfied employee also wants to increase their general knowledge and business related skills to be qualified for career advancement. Many companies recognize the value of providing access to non-work related courses and training to provide for a better work-life balance for their employees.


In COMPANY A strive to become an...