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Organizational Behavior

First let's start with the definition of Organizational Behavior. The way I understand it is the study and implement of the companies and their employee's behavior in the organization.

This course I believe is a very important one. It will show you and help you have a better understanding of your employee's. If you have an excellent line of communication within the company, I believe you have a good chance of having your employee come to work knowing that they are appreciated and well needed.

I'd like to see all companies have a good Organizational Behavior in place. The company will benefit much more from this. The employee's would appreciate and I would think respect their company more.

A well laid out plan is always good. There may be problems along the way but, you would be able to handle them better and correct them faster. If a company knows their employee they would be able to sit down and handle what ever types of problems arise with them.

I can give you 2 examples of this;

The first would be the Ford Motor Company (reference on last page)

Ford has balanced their employee's work needs and their family's needs and obligations.

They have put into their plan a lot of programs that their employees need, so they may continue to work.

1.Free program to help find and evaluate a trained child care giver for those who need child care in order to work.

2.Elder care referral and consultation. Help employees find care for their elderly relatives.

3. Safe at Home. They pay up to 80% of a trained child care giver. And up to 24 hours a day. This I thought was excellent. The one problem that family's face today is finding a trustworthy person...