Organizational Culture of Cisco Systems Inc.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. is a global company that embodies the many characteristics of a company that values its employees as much as its clients. Cisco listens to their employees and responds to their needs. Cisco Systems has long been recognized as being one of the top 25 best places to work in America because of how its high regard for its employees.

Cisco's Organizational AppealThe appeal of Cisco's organizational culture is that it appreciates its employees. It offers flexibility that few other companies do. This is particularly appealing to me in that I have observed over the years that many companies forget that if an employee feels like a stakeholder in the business, then he or she will be far more willing to take the extra steps to walk the extra mile to perform to the highest of standards. An unhappy, disgruntled employee, on the other hand, will merely show up, do just enough to keep the boss off his or her back and call it a day.

Cisco Systems offers a myriad of perks to its employees including but not limited to:1. Access to on-site childcare.

2.E-learning courses.

3.Formal and in-formal flexibility of work hours that allows for the integration of home and professional life in a comfortable, manageable way.

4.On-site Weight Watchers Programs.

5.Elder Care Assistance.

These are but a few of the benefits that Cisco offers. When an employee feels like the company believes in and cares for them as a person, then they believe in that company too.

I share the core value of employees coming first with Cisco. I believe that without employees to tote the barge and life the bale, the work will not be done. All too many companies forget that business is like an upside-down pyramid and that...