Organizational Issues and Trends

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Of the many trends in organizational behavior, the current and most talked about is globalization. According to Hitt, et. al, "Globalization the trend toward a more global economy has increased substantially since 1980." (Hitt et. al, 2006). Companies want to position themselves in areas of the world where the labor cost is low yet, the human capital and level of expertise are high. One benefit of globalization is it facilitates the sensitization of corporate decision makers to cultural diversity. Many schools of thought point to the fact that diversity enhances performance. This paper will attempt to evaluate the business and ethical concerns of doing business in a global environment.

American companies suffered in the recent years because an effort to reduce costs, restructuring, and downsizing. Companies incur costs that have impacted their ability to perform in long term aspects. Organizational behavior and its impact on organizations deal with two factors, first helping individuals and teams identify effective behaviors and second to help them understand these behaviors in daily interactions.

Most companies deal with trends that identify and engage positive organizational behavior they also encourage teams and individuals to accept risks with each other for the well being of the business. If the core issues are not addressed properly it could affect the performances of the individual, team, and the business too. The development and communication in a business is inseparable from human behavior and the trends of organizational behavior. The two have been known to funnel the collaboration of management and its individuals and teams.

Some rewards that are considered effective management and organizational behavior includes assessments of leadership ability, reinforcement of executives, and the control of certain aspects of the business. Reflective feedback can be a great asset to the individual and team of a business the trends...