Organizational Missions

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The mission statement of an organization communicates the goals, vision, and culture of that organization. More importantly, this simple one or two sentence declaration of purpose is effective in motivating and mobilizing employees. Organizational missions are an internal force that dictate organizational behavior and set a foundation for strategic and ethical structure. Though the organizations of our team are in diverse industries, their mission statements have a common thread, a link that can be found in the values of most firms; this common thread is a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in their field and for their customers. The mission statement of Integris Federal Credit Union specifically states, "The Integris Federal Credit Union is committed to providing to its members prompt, courteous and efficient service. Offer its membership competitive returns on investments, reasonable loan rates and long-term financial stability. Offer a progressive philosophy that endeavors towards excellence and achievement to ensure this goal" (IFCU, n.d.).

In order for the mission to be effective, it must be communicated and reinforced to the employee. Much of the reinforcement comes through electronic sources like e-mail. Employees in the Army National Guard often receive "statewide e-mails" with "spirit lifters" attached. LexisNexis also communicate the mission through e-mail as well as through visits from upper management and reminders from local management.

In complying with the ethical and strategic constructs in the mission, LexisNexis' frontline managers collaborate with the data analysts to develop achievable goals - not quotas - and action plans to deliver favorable results. Thus, the stress level is lowered and employees are inspired to go beyond set goals to create a high performance culture. Integris Federal Credit Union's mission serves as a motivating factor for their employees. They understand that there is little room for failure or the inability to do...