The origin of the Crusades.

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The Noble Crusaders

Who were the Crusaders? This is a question that is brought up frequently because the Crusades are a very interesting and important topic. The Crusaders were a band of men fighting for their religion and their freedom. When you became a crusader, it meant taking up your cross (Lyon 926). These men fought many bloody battles and trampled many lands. The real reason that they were fighting was to recapture the Holy Land, which had been taken by the Muslims. The Crusaders are an important topic, and hopefully this fundamental pilgrimage will be exhilarating enough.

The first and foremost supporter of the Crusades was the Emperor, Alexius Comnenus. This esteemed man quickly went to the Pope and asked him for help. Alexius was a very brave man, and he did many things for his people. The pope at this time was a respected man, Urban II.

When Urban II was asked to start a religious band of warriors, he could just not turn this idea down. Urban II started talking about fighting for their freedom of faith, and he had many cheerful followers by 1096.

How did the Crusades begin in the first place? In the year 1090, the Emperor of Rome, Alexius Comnenus, asked Pope Urban II if he would help him embark on the First Crusade. Urban thought that this was an excellent idea, and he started spreading the word about this. In 1095 Urban II called a great council, and this meeting was called the Council of Clermont. Moving a large amount of people, the Pope preached to a great multitude about the crusades, and it is stated that many people in the street started to shout, "God wills it" (Lyon 926). After this the First Crusade began in 1096. Finally, the First...