Outside stares.

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Outside stares

Neighbors are somebody we live in close relation with. All the neighbors are different not only by their appearance or cultural background, but also by their behavior and oddity. This is not as noticeable where people live in the suburb at their cottages, as it is noticeable living in the blocks of flats. All the neighbors there are divided into three categories - spies, concealers and strangers.

It is rather interesting to see all the neighbors divided into categories because we see neighbors more than the closest relatives. These are the people we most of the time spend by, but if we belong to the third category, we will not notice all the advantages and disadvantages of our curious and rather strange neighbors. The following narration is about them.

The first kind of neighbors is "spies," these are neighbors, who always spy on everybody.

Their curiosity doesn't have any borders. These neighbors know everything and anything about those, who live next door to them. They always know all the news first, before the real "receiver." If locking door they hear lift stopping at their floor, they stay until they see who is coming out of it. Hearing any noise they rush upon the door and look through the door-eye, willing to see something interesting or dart a glance at new hair dress or clothing their neighbor wear today. All the days long they sit by the window looking which direction one or another person goes and when he or she returns. Moreover, if it is someone's daughter, they immediately go to the parents with full report about their daughter's behavior.

Living by the "spy" neighbors guarantee safe life and robust sleep. Because you will

always know that somebody keeps eye on your flat and...