Over view of the Lord of the Flies about the beast and feelings

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In the novel "Lord of the Flies," by William Golding, there are significant parts, and issues that pay key roles in the kid's eyes. The beast, darkness, and the dead parachutist, represent fear in the eyes and souls of the kids.

The darkness is a fearful part in the novel, it makes the boys scared. "Aren't there any grown ups?" all of the boys are used to having there parents right beside them. They get even more scared at night when they know that there parents aren't the be with them, and comfort them. "Simon put his hand out timidly to touch Ralph" Not only are the little boys scared the older boys are too. Ralph knows how to deal with the darkness of the island. "A little un who played little and cried often." The little uns aren't used to being alone, so they are scared.

They don't know how to handle the situation because they are too young.

The beast is also a fearful part in the novel, it scares the kids even more. "I wasn't scared I was, I don't know what I was." Ralph, the leader, is even getting scared, but he doesn't want the others to know. He wants to be a strong leader. "I don't believe in the beast." All of the kids are listening to the older ones. Simon is specifically telling all the boys that the beast isn't real, and that they are just seeing things. "The thing is fear cant hurt you anymore than a dream." All the boys can do is be scared, and jack is trying to lift them up. Jack doesn't want them to be frightened of the beast, but the kids know that their parents aren't there to comfort them and be with...