Past, Present and Future

Essay by jeaniewA+, March 2009

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Past, Present and FutureIntroductionThis paper reflects upon my personal and professional growth during my study at the University of Phoenix. I am actively pursuing a degree in marketing. During my journey, I have undergone many personal and professional changes.

Part One- PastWhen beginning my journey at the University of Phoenix there was a void in my life and a feeling of disappointment that I had not furthered my education. I had always considered the role of learning an important aspect in my personal growth but I had set college aside to raise a child and maintain my family. When the time was right and I felt comfortable to take on the challenge I decided that I would enroll in college classes online. Online classes were the best option for me to accommodate my hectic schedule.

At the time I believed my level of professional competence was exactly in line with my peers and my superiors.

I had excellent problem solving skills, good written communications, adequate oral communication and the information retrieval, utilization, and collaboration processes were above average. Overall I believed I had a balance of the skills needed to further my career; the only thing that I was lacking was a degree.

My career goals were to work my way up the ladder at my current organization. After attaining my degree I planned on steering my career path towards the marketing and advertising side of the company. I was currently taking over some of the marketing responsibilities here and there and I believed by furthering my education I could become one of the future marketing representatives and continue to work my way up from there.

Part Two- PresentThe first class I completed at the University of Phoenix introduced me to the on-line environment and the team concept. This...