Past, Present and Future

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This paper reflects on my personal and professional growth during my course study at University of Phoenix. I am energetically pursuing a bachelor degree in management. During this educational mission I have encountered many personal and professional changes. Paul and Elder (2002) disclose, "The world in which we now live requires that we continually relearn, that we routinely rethink our decisions, and that we regularly reevaluate the way we work and live" (p. 1).

Part One- Past When I began my mission at University of Phoenix there was a new desire in my life to succeed and also a feeling of disappointment that I had not advanced my education sooner. I had always felt comfortable in my career and experienced advancement and many promotions over time. Further my education in my eyes was not a necessity to reach my goals. When I finally realized my goal was to begin a business and challenge myself to completing a higher level of education.

The time was appropriate to gain additional credibility in my field and respect from family members and others by enrolling in college. Online classes were the best option to accommodate my busy schedule.

At the time I believed my level of professional competence was exactly in line with my peers and my superiors. I had excellent problem-solving skills, good written communications, adequate oral communication and the information retrieval, utilization, and collaboration processes were above average. I believed I have a balance of the skills needed to further my career; the only thing that I was lacking was an advanced degree.

My career goals are to continue to pursue my higher education and work toward my MBA as this will reinforce my credibility in the business field of consulting I am in. Furthermore, being a business owner, advanced coursework...