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-Introduction- (show pasta or drawing) Popularity of pasta : Nowadays alot of people can enjoy and like Pasta, so people invent new pasta and their proper cook, because of not only their delicious taste but also easy to cook and it's enough to be our a meal.For Various cook of pasta we couldn't get lose our taste.

The origin of Pasta : We know that pasta is italian but it's invented in china..various form of noodle or pasta are founded China, Japan ,Malaysia, hong kong and last of east asia now we check another pasta story..

-Body- Type of Pasta : somtime we go super market and we can see lots of pasta noodle but we don't know how we use..first of all I like to say the kinds of dried pasta..and how we can use in cook. first of all I'll tell you the name of pasta as we might know there is spagetti, and macaroni but it's very amezing there is 200 different pasta shapes with at least 600 names and the names vary just from region to region in Italy new shapes are being desinged all the time..

here we can see lots of pasta. We can see spagetti and macaroni and fettuccine, lasagne, lunghe, tortellini shell small soup pasta vermicelli..and so on..

How to use these pasta : In addition to there are a lot of dishs as using of pasta shapes,, in general long thin pasta suits for seafood sauses, while thicker noodles are good with creamy sauses and thick tubular pasta,such as rigatoni and penne, is best with rustic sauses full of chunky pieces that can be caught in the pasta itself.

In pasta there are alot of ingredient used i mean some pasta made of vegetable and egg,and some ingredients of sauses are gorgonzola ,Italian sausages, Mussels, Olives, Onions,pine nuts pepper parmesan prawns Smoked salmon , Spinach,and Walunts and so on, for example. this is depand on the stable crops of each region-whether rice flour, soya bean flour, or potato flour, and cook different ways : some are bolied and fried, and some are rolled out (ravioli, caramelon...etc) but most are simpley boiled. This pasta now we call "western pasta" usually in the form of noodles often enhanced with a vegetables or fish adds variety to diet of rice and beans..As with Western pasta,Eastern noodles can be flavoured with other ingredients, such as prawn, carrot or spanach.

Cook of pasta : pasta can do almost every kind of cooks of noodle(We can see this pictures ,) soup, noodle soup, soup with egg and vegi.,slad.wontonsalad with dressing,,and we can use any kind of salad..(show pictures.).spagetti which use usually tomato sause but someimes can be used sea food and tuna or cream sause something like that . And cream s ause pasta as we may know usually this sause using thick noodle such as fetuccine taglatelle and penne..and so on.. and we can use just garic and spanich cauliflower and when we want to try something new ...we can use oven range,.,(golen -topped pasta ) I just do example a few there are unbeliebabley lots of how to use of pasta Herbs and spices : herbs and spiced they are very important to enhanc pasta's sauses..Especially dried herbs is very useful they have to keep in freeze and reied it's the best way to keep their coulour and flavour we will see some of the most popular herbes.

*Basil(this is useually goes with tomato and delicate recotta cheese ..and fresh basil is better than dried one.) *bay leaves( this is for the flavour of meat sauses and to give delicate flavors to white sause) *chillies (this one is dried one is better than fresh..and please remember when you use that work under the water and don't rub ur eyes) *Garic( we all know ..if i say more it's good in dishs where a strong onion taste is requred meat sauses anything with tomato) *Nutmeg(nutmeg is goes with white sause and with cheese) *Oregano and Marjoram(this is the most popular in Italy they have affinity with tomato and egg) *parsley *Roket ( it's kind of peppery taste can be used salad and we serve just before serving) *Saffron (this is one of the wourld's most expensive spices..with wonderful aroma coulor to any dish Sauses and Flavourings : these are can give your dish rich taste *Anchovies (salted) it can be used fish soup or sause *Carbonara sause (one of popular sause this is when you just finish boil noodle put egg and then put cream..we say cavonara this is useful quick meal *Choppede garic *Mushroom paste (just add to pasta with a little cream *Olive paste (with tomato sause to enrich its taste *Pesto (we can find in market ,just stir into hot pasta and soup *Tomato sause *toamto puree(this is essential of tomato'll help tomato sause and thicken meat sause *Tomato *Tomatos ((sun-dried in oil, to use , drain and chopand add to tomato based recipes -Concluse- These days Pasta is wourld famous food ..we can easily enjoy and make ..