In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin

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The author of In Patagonia is Bruce Chatwin. He was born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, on May 13, 1940. He married in 1965. His famous "Gone to Patagonia" note was left at the Sunday Times where he worked sometime in 1972-75. He died outside of Nice, France on January 17, 1989. This is a nonfiction book, mostly of travel logs.

The book is about Chatwin's memoirs as he travels through Patagonia, "the uttermost part of the earth." He travels through many places in South America and meets many people. There is not really a plot; it is just a lot of notes about his journey through South America and Patagonia.

I don't really know the main idea in this book, seeing that all it is is notes about his journey and experiences. This can relate to our lives in a way that as we all go through our own journeys in life, we will encounter problems and distractions, but we don't give up and keep going.

There is significance to the title of In Patagonia, because that's what the book is about.

The book is written in the first person. It read pretty slowly for me because not many parts really grabbed my attention. It did seem real; it is after all, based on the day-to-day business of traveling through a foreign country. I've never read any other books like it so I can't really compare to anything else. The characters were believable. My favorite part was when two people had this discussion:

"If you give me work, you are a saint, and your wife is a saint, and your children are angels, and that dog is the best dog in the world."

The other man replies, "There is no work."

"In that case, you are the son...