The Patriarchy System

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A patriarchy is a type of society in which men and women participate. However, this society is male-dominated, male-identified, and male-centered.

In a male-dominated society, men usually hold the higher positions of authority when it comes to politics, religion, education, military, and so forth. Males also tend to hold the status of "head of household."� When women hold such positions, they are considered an exception to the norm. People who see a woman in one of the higher positions tend to wonder how she will measure up to the men who hold the same position. In this type of society, male dominance is a way of creating power difference between men and women. Since men hold higher positions, they are usually the ones who make the most money. This promotes the idea that men is superior to women. Because men have the higher positions in politics, they are usually the ones in charge of passing the laws that the entire society is governed by.

To say the least, patriarchy is kind of like a male monopoly.

Being male-identified mean that a patriarchy society's core cultural ideas about what is desirable or preferable is usually associated with masculinity. In other words, we use male nouns and pronouns to represent people in general. An example of this would be the everyday usage of the phrase "you guys."� More examples would include when we automatically refer to doctors as "men"� and when we read a book that has no distinguishable characters, the author tends to write "he"� instead of "she."� Qualities such as control, strength, toughness, and forcefulness are all related to masculinity. On the contrary, qualities such as compassion, caring and vulnerability are associated with femininity.

With patriarchy being male-centered, the focus of attention is primarily on men ad...