The Pay-By-Phone System Marketing research,come up with a product and a market research on it to see if it should go on the market. Executive Summary Objective & Methodology Detailed Findings Conclusion & Recommendation Bibliography Appendix

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The Pay-By-Phone System


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Objectives p.3

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Executive Summary

40 completed questionnaires were collected from young adults and adults aged 18-to-50 in Montreal, Quebec. Respondents who own a Smartphone and who for the most part purchases snacks from vending machines. This survey was a printable handout questionnaire, provided only in English. The respondents were all asked to complete the questionnaire during their leisure time. The objectives of the Project were to determine not only if adults aged 18-to-50 would likely use their Smartphone's to purchase at vending machines that operate with a mobile payment scan but also if this new system would help to boost sales and create ROI to Andree Labée. Also, it was considered essential to discover how relevant the attitude and adoption of mobile-only payments at vending machines by demographics.

First of all, the majority of the target market purchases from a vending machine once a month, while the second highest is once a week. 85% of the respondents are most likely to be caught without change, and when they do 28% of them don't buy at all, while the rest asks a friend for a change. Additionally, 86% of the respondents who have a credit card, don't use them to purchase at a vending machine, and 72% of the respondents are unaware that they can use their Smartphone to make purchases of any kind. This indicates that the consumers will be highly unlikely to purchase at a vending machine with their Smartphone because their credit cards will be billed if they do use their Smartphones and since they don't use their credit cards for the purchases it will make it unlikely that they will use their...