Peace In The Middle East

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In the beginning of 20th century, the Jewish extremists from all over the world, driven by the dream of their own nation and the acceptance for the Jews, established the first Jewish state since fall of Jerusalem in bc. The new country "" Israel was built in the land of Palestine, the ancient homeland of Jews. Both Arabic and Jewish cultures, being very religious, consider the land of Jerusalem a very sacred and holy place, and so the great conflict begun"¦ The Israeli army successfully captured most of the Palestinian land and gained control of the Jerusalem. In 1967 during the course of a "Six-Day-War" the Israeli army also captured an additional land in West Bank and Gaza. More than two million Palestinians were forced to give up their homes and land, and driven into refugee camps. After the Second World War, waves of new Jewish immigrants pored into Israel.

Wealthy Jews from America and other countries helped a great deal by providing economic aid and large private contribution. The Israeli nation was becoming more powerful. However, the ongoing conflict has cost a great deal of pain and many lives on both sides, and even today, more than six decades later, the refugees have not given up the fight for their homeland.

Up until 60's the UN and the rest of the world had a very minimal level of involvement in the Middle Eastern conflict. The weapons were smuggled illegally into Israel from United States and Europe. The US finally made an official written assurance to protect Israeli security after the 1973's war of "Yom Kippur", and has been on Israeli side ever since. The United Nations has been trying to mediate a solution, however, has been very unsuccessful. The Middle Eastern situation seems to be just as...