People may work for themselves, work for an employer, or own a business. Which do you prefer?

Essay by SerenaDang December 2005

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One of the most important issues in a human's being life is an occupation. Some work for themselves, others work for an employer but I long to be in the third group - those who own a business.

Setting up a business is very challenging, as business plan , financing problem and firm structure are really troublesome. A wrong scheme may lead to a broken enriching dream. Moreover, when running my own business, probably I will have to face all the difficulties and - if there's something wrong- failures on my own. But since I was born to be a challenge-loving person, the more complicated the career is, the more enthusiastic I am about it. That is why managing a business is the most suitable route for me to go.

The second reason why I choose to be a business owner is my rights to freely make my dreams come true.

Working for another person may not help me bring out my ideas, but when I am the one to decide which way for my firm to go, I can do any extraordinary thing that other people cannot see my thoughts in. Turning those initiatives into success is way too splendid to my wildest dream.

Besides, I have always loved being a manager to direct people to do things. The scene of employees working under my guidance worths taking risks however adventurous a self business is. And the more valueable thing is witnessing these people assisting with my business to make it as profitable as possible.

In addition, businessmen are the force that help a country reach its pinnacle of prosperousness. Business represents a country economy, so owning a business is partly considered giving a hand to the develope process of my native land.

Business owning nowadays is a...