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The three generation of leaders: Arthur, Frank and Jim, they all believed in quality. Starting from the company's early days, Arthur's philosophy was to "create a quality product, deal fairly with people, and work hard". Perdue Farms has a rich history, rooted in the traditions set by its early management. This legacy has instilled in its values that it takes very seriously, such as integrity and honesty, and a constant quest for quality that engenders pride in its work.


In the year 1920, Arthur W. Perdue founded a backyard table eggs business at his home in Salisbury. Five years later, he built the company's first hatchery and began selling layer chicks to farmers instead of table eggs. In the 1940, the company switched from layer chicks to broiler chicks, aligning itself with a growing demand for meat birds and setting the stage for future growth. In the next decade, Arthur's son Frank took over leadership of the business.

The company began supplying chickens for processing by contracting with local farmers to raise its birds. In 1968, the company begins operating its first poultry processing plant in Salisbury, gaining quality over every step from egg and feed to market. Then it entered the highly competitive New York City broiler market with a product distinguished by its quality and cleanliness. Then in the 70s it began its TV commercials and put Frank as the company's advertising spokesperson. In the 80s it acquired a turkey operation and a cooking plant. The company expanded to fully cooked items and turkey products for retail and foodservice customers. The 1990s marked a period of dramatic growth, including acquisitions and construction of processing plants in the Midwest and Southeast and increased grain handling capacity. Moreover a joint venture with China's most respected business enterprises enabled to...