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He was a six-foot tall handsome person having attractive features with straight nose, black, wavy hair, deep, almond shaped, brown eyes, and thin mustache above the lips. He always had a kindly smile on his face; always admired by everyone who met him, probably because of his honesty, soft language, and joyful nature. He executed a role of a teacher, a friend, and a guardian in my life.

As a teacher, my father modeled the saying by an unknown author, "The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book". My dad was the best teacher I have ever seen. He remembered history by heart with actual dates. He was so polite and never scolded or insulted any person in his life. He devoted every Saturday night to his children. After supper, we used to sit around him and he would tell stories. He used to give us background about the historical and current events, and then we gave our opinions about those events.

He provided us the background information of not just our religion, but also the other religions of the world. He mostly talked about the people who ruled the world and had made their names bright in the world. The purpose of all his stories was to make us confident enough to make judgments and to promote the feelings of being a hard worker and civilized person.

My father played a role of friend by letting us have total freedom to be ourselves. However, every game we played together had a moral behind it. For example, he used to select a prefect (a leader) weekly among us (brothers and sisters). The conditions for being the prefect or ruler were: the child, who would be most helpful, most disciplined, most humble, most honest, would complete all school...