Perfection In A Parent

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Perfection in a Parent What makes a good parent? A good parent is one who focuses on the long term prospects of the individual child. Although each individual child requires different parenting strategies, several general characteristics hold true for all good parents. Good parents are aware, strict, emotionally sound, and honest.

One of the worst characteristics for a parent to have is naiveté. Some children an young adults lack the wisdom to make good decisions; therefore, it is imperative that the parent is aware of surroundings and blocks the child from possible danger. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products are used widely among the teenage population and many times the parent is left unaware that her child uses some of all of them. A suspecting parent should investigate the problem to better understand how to help the endangered child. A good parent has a clear picture of the daily tribulations of their children.

Although the child may resent a strict parent, a clear, structured parental role yields a well balanced child. A good parent must know exactly what they believe is right and wrong. While raising a child a good parent will outline, consistently, what is excepted, and the consequences for not abiding by those limits. Discipline must always be consistent. Consistency allows the child to learn to weigh consequences. A strict, disciplined upbringing will produce a child that will be a successful member of society.

Punishment is only when needed, but emotional strength should be shown everyday. A good parent is one that supports the child's individual dreams and aspirations. A parent should always encourage their child to follow through with their dreams. When the child has a bad day, a good parent tries to make the child see the good in the situation, with out blaming the...