The Performance Appraisal Survey

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Performance Appraisals at Sears

Performance appraisals are one of the most common methods used in today's workforce that assists in the determination of compensation increases. These performance appraisals are used to establish training and development needs, as well as transfer and promotion opportunities. At Sears Roebuck and Co. performance appraisal are conducted on an annual basis, and are also conducted after an employee has spent ninety days at Sears, or has been transferred to a new position.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process and determine the satisfaction with the process, a survey was conducted. I interviewed three people at my workplace. I asked them specific questions such as:

1. I received a timely performance appraisal.

2. I received a fair performance appraisal.

3. My performance appraisal results were what I anticipated.

4. My performance appraisal was measured against my job description/duties/expectations.

5. I was provided recommendations for improvement during my performance appraisal.

They all agreed that the performance appraisals were given in a timely matter. But had differences as to whether their performance appraisal was fair in the types of questions asked. Also disagreed as to which there job description, duties, or expectations were a factor.

The first co-worker I interviewed is a Loss Prevention associate at Sears, during his performance appraisal he states that the first part of the performance appraisal is based on the performance of the store. The performance of the store determines your performance rating as to how high or low your rating is. He felt that this rating is unfair and biases. This type of performance appraisal survey is issued once a year "score sheet", scale of 1 to 5 rating. He feels a lot of the stores performance has nothing to do with his department because he is not...