Performance Measurements

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In today's business world, a company can not survive unless employees are able to accurately and effectively complete his or her job duties. A company may have a product or service that is essential for everyday life; however, if a company can not depend on its employees to provide ample customer service or tasks, the company as a whole will not be successful. In order to ensure the success of a company as well as the employees, organizations must create and implement performance measures to track the progress of an employee or project. It is important within any company to set specific guides to measure project performance to ensure that each part of the company is working towards the same goals. This paper will discuss the importance of performance measures, the Ishikawa diagram, flowcharts and Pareto charts.

While working on projects, the implementation of performance measures is crucial.

Every project will be faced with issues such as time constraints, budget constraints and project specifications. If a problem arises with one of these triple constraints, the project as a whole can be in danger. Finding the root cause of the problem is imperative. Performance measures can aid in identifying issues at an early stage so revisions can be made or solutions to the problem can be found. If any potential issues can be identified and corrected before the matter arises, the project will be easier to manage and the expectations given by the business owners can be met.

The first type of performance measurement that can be used for performance monitoring is the Ishikawa diagram. This diagram was invented by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa and is also known as the cause and effect or fishbone diagram. This analysis tool provides the ability to review multiple causes that contribute to...