It is about how a person would act if they had super powers.

Essay by chris1069High School, 10th grade October 2003

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Some people my age dream of having superpowers. Some people read comic books,watch

movies, watch television, and wish they could have super powers like flying or becoming

invisible. I on the other hand am gifted with both of these powers and use them every day

Invisibility and the ability to fly arent just useful in everyday life they are just plain fun.

I recieved my powers out of nowhere.One day I was sitting on the couch watching Television,

and I fell asleep. I had a weird dream that I had the aability to fly and could become invisible.

Well strangely enough when I woke up I was floating in mid air! It took some struggling to get

back on my feet because I did not exactly know how to, but when I finally did I went to the

bathroom to look in the mirror and see if I could become invisible.

In my dream if I concentrated

hard enough I could become invisible, well sure enough I became invisible.This was a long time

ago and I have just about got both of my powers under my control now.

Being able to fly is, needless to say, is very useful. Such as after school when everybody is

waiting in the thirty minute line to go home I just fly off home laughing at everyone wasting their

gas. It definitely saves me money on gas, and I know I will not wreck because their is no one else

who can fly. Also since I am gifted with powers I enjoy helping people out when they are in

trouble. It is also a whole lot of fun doing tricks in the sky.

Being invisible has a lot of advantages. It first of all helps me out when I am...