Personal and Company Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

With many companies who work hard to make sure they are ethical, one way they do it is to make sure they have multiple advocates to make sure that the ethical points they are trying to establish are being practiced by the leaders of the company. This shows the employees that this is what everyone should be doing so that the company will remain up to its ethical standards. When a company is very serious about making sure that ethics are a priority they will reward those who are showing a good example of being ethically sound. Many companies are working on their performance at all times. The difference of what they are doing and what they want to do is the performance gap.

The smaller this gap is the better. Finally, the ethical learning potential that companies must use to try their best at being as ethically sound as possible is the scanning imperative. This means that companies realize they must constantly use the news and updates received, to make the best ethical decisions they can based on the information given to them.

When working for the company is always nice to know that if the need arises to the employee can speak with management or the owner, even if there was a reason for that. I call this an open-door policy, and I have always liked to be able to go to the administration or talk someone in senior management so that I will know what kind of people I work for. This climate of openness also helps with maintaining the lines of communication open and let there be...