Personal and management competence.

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Integration of learning summaries & personal action plan.

The importance of personal and management competence.

'Management is the process of achieving organisational objectives, within a changing environment, by balancing efficiency, effectiveness and equity, obtaining the most from limited resources, and working with and through other people' (Naylor, 1999: p.6). The increase complexity of the working environment and the increase need for better performance highlight the importance of the individual growth and learning processes. In addition, Picket (1998) adds that in today environment, managers, must identify the core competencies of their organisation. This action will ensure the adequate and appropriate corresponding between the organisational and the personal/managerial competences.

Khandwalla (2004) research results outline management competencies which have been highly oriented in successive managers in different organisations around the world. The core competencies seem to be goodwill enhancing" (p.12). Reliability has a great impact on the ability to earn respect which ultimately helps to mobilize scarce resources in tough situations.

Planning ability and time management capabilities have shown appositive effect for taking personal responsibilities. Team building skills are a fundamental source for supportive, effective and comfortable environment. Before introducing the manger need for team work competencies. The author strongly declare that personal traits, values, believes and attitudes are the core personal competencies which may enhance or weaken one ability to manage others. Therefore, self awareness, personal orientation, motivation, emotional intelligence etc' are to be firstly address and training focused in order to increase personal ability to perform, to learn and to enjoy his interaction with the surrounding. (fields supportive concepts from :Bandura, A.(2000);Covey, S. (1988);Gardner, W.L. and Schermerhorn. (2004);Luthans, F. (2002). Myers, L and Tucker, M. (2005);Pajares, F. (2002) Robbins, S.P. (2001) and Updegraff, S. ( 2004).

Dynamic and fast developed working environment demands for skillful and high potential personal traits and...