Personal goals.

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Personal Goals Paper

A goal is an aim or purpous, something that one strives to achieve ,and if you are to be

highly successful in your chosen path in life,it is imperative that you clearly know what

you are aiming at and what it is that you want to achieve.

My goal's are simple,I want to recieve my bachelors degree so I can break

away from the dead end job's that I have been working all of my adult life and getting

absolutely nowhere! I have alway moved up the ladder as far as I could go and was

never satisfied,it alway's seemed that the next step required a degree of some sort to

obtain it.

I want to learn how to manage my time better,to be more organized and to be a team


I'm not going back to any of those previous job's,I want to start fresh in a completely

different field.

just the sound of that is exiting to me,I love new adventure's. Recieving

my bachelors degree will be an adventure in itself,one that I think I am up for!

I don't want to stop after recieving my bachelors degree,I want to continue on with my

education,I probably will take a small break though.I have nothing but time on my hand's

since my injury two year's ago.My doctor's told me that they would never release me to

go back to my old line of work and since I'm only thirty five year's old I figured that I'd

better find a new career,I don't want to sit around on my laurel's for the rest of my life.

There are numerous benefit's that will come with obtaining my degree,me joining the

rank's with my family will be a good one to start,everyone in my immiediate family...