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Brett Melendez English 5-6, 2nd Personal Narrative Essay #1 9-13-01 I'm going to tell you about my fine arts experience I've had this year. Well, fine arts, the one I'm talking about is in connection with Assemble of God churches around the nation. There are so many different categories in this; it is crazy, you have drama groups (solo), human video group (solo), instrumentals groups or solos, singing, large ensembles, small ensembles, short story, poems, worship band, Christian band, orcastra, choirs, etc "¦ The past two years I've been with other people from my church attending the Fine Arts Festival. This narrative is about this year's life touching time. We all started in early December (Cayla, Jessica, Tiffiny, Erin, Kaylen, Jake, and I) I was done with football for the year ready to get started with Gods calling. The first day we meet was to determine the song we are going to do this Human Video to, it took a while but we finally did find one.

The song was called Crucified by Salvador, a Christian Latino band. What a human video is, is a song that you make a storyline/plot to and put choreography to it, also lip sing, and facial expressions, therefore to make the viewer to feel like their in that position or in the sense.

So we've been practicing for like four months and the State Festival is coming up in three days at Phoenix First we were all pumped and ready to go minister to a bunch of people. Well, were their and all of us are hanging out with our other friends that are in the festival, their was about 600 youth involved in this, watching others perform and give there abilities to the Lord. Then at like 2:00 in the afternoon we did...