Personal Perception on Organized Crime

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime

University of Phoenix CJA/393: Criminal Organizations

February 1, 2008

When I think of organized crime, I think back on those black and white movies you know the ones with machine guns blazing, the old box cars racing to get away before the police showed up and show girls wearing those short dresses and doing that dance that was so popular in the 1920s. A gentleman's handshake meant something back then and you kept your word. So, when asked how would I describe organized crime? That is what I think of when I pose that particular question to myself. However, now after I have had my thoughts come back from a time when my grandmother's mother was alive, I think of terrorists and individuals whom do not have to follow any code of ethics to get what they want to achieve by any and all means necessary for their cause.

Whether that is a noble cause like William Wallace the Irishman whom gave Ireland their freedom or one of such horror that one could not possibly fathom like 9/11.

Wikipedia encyclopedia describes the organized crime control act of 1970 as the following;

"The Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 - It prohibits the creation or management of a gambling organization involving 5 or more people if it has been in business more than 30 days or accumulates $2000 in gross revenue in a single day. It also gives grand juries new powers, permitted detention of unmanageable witnesses, and gave the attorney general authorization to protect witnesses, both state and federal, and their families. This last measure helped lead to the creation of WITSEC, an acronym for witness security." (Wikipedia®, 2006)

In reading chapter 1 of the text,