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Essay by orangeskyee April 2004

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I want to study Msc Marketing because China has now accessed the WTO with the awareness of the importance to act in accordance with the international market. Its traditional commercial practices, including such things as the chaotic price wars, have failed to meet the requirements of the global market development. That's the reason for the urgent need of the Chinese market to be more regularized, to have well-developed theories and strategy thinking pattern. What China is in need of is exactly what Briton has already acquired. My major that is marketing and profession have vast room for development and brilliant outlook in China, a potential but gigantic business market. So the modern ideas and regularized market administration that I will learn will be critical to my career development in China and eventually be contributive to a better compensation for my work.

I graduated from SouthWest JiaoTong University, and chose Enterprise Management as my major and my university is located in Chengdu that is the foremost business hub in the West of China. Thanks to its status and location in West China, I seized the opportunities to have some hands-on operations in addition to the basics and expertise learned from the Marketing courses in my college. After graduation I was engaged in a sales job with the Sichuan Wanda Industry Co., Ltd. I gradually matured from an ordinary sales representative of LED Display into a newly-established sales manager. Meanwhile I have familiarized myself with the techniques needed in marketing operations and in grasping business opportunities.. From my work experience I learned that we could make use of the quality of products and good after-sales services to counteract the price war. A typical instance is that my team won the LED Display contract which is worth one million...