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"A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, every individual has a core set of personal values." (Posner, R.) As a 24 year-old, full-time working college student, I live a busy and diverse lifestyle. My childhood shaped me into the person I have grown into. My parent's have been the largest influence on my personal values because I was taught to live and work as they did until I moved away from home when I turned 18. Living in a large city has changed my priorities and the way I stand on certain issues that arise in politics, religion, and family values. Mostly, the experiences I have encountered have reshaped those values and beliefs because I have now been given the chance to see firsthand how many issues affected me. I never realized how sheltered I was from the world outside of my hometown until I moved away.

I believe that my eyes have been opened and I am confidant about my stance on most issues; though I know I still have much to learn. My strongest values reside in family and unity, supporting the learning of young children, education, and ecological awareness.

Family and UnityHow I lived my childhood was much different from my current lifestyle. As a child I moved often and changed schools with each new dwelling. As a teenage single parent of two children, my mother was just a child herself struggling to make life work. Unfortunately, she made many decisions in her young age that negatively impacted our little family. She began her motherhood restless with life; continuously changing jobs, homes and live-in boyfriends. This resulted in my father and step-mother eventually obtaining child custody. While growing up, I constantly...