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Dear Mayor Brown, I am writing to discuss the reasons why i think cigarette smoking should be banned in all public areas. I believe that the dangers of second hand smoke, the degragation of the recreational or dining experience, and the increased revenue from more families visiting smoke free environments are valid reasons to consider.

First, the dangers of second hand smoke are very real. The American Cancer Society confirmed that for every hour you sit in the non-smoking area of a restaurant and are exposed to second hand smoke it is the same as smoking a cigarette yourself. In another way exposing unborn babies to second hand smoke is like giving poisoned milk to a toddler, they suffer because they have no choice. As a publicly elected official it is your moral obligation to guard the welfare of those in your care. The pro-smoking forces have tried to tell us that the dangers of second hand smoke are a myth and that there is no real danger, but doctors stated that every year 3,000 non-smokers die from second hand smoke.

Futhermore, there is the degrading of the dining or recreational experience. Last week my family and I went to The Olive Garden and during our meal a nearby patron lit up an after dinner cigarette. Smelling the acrid, burning smoke was like having someone flavor your food with ashes instead of salt and pepper. The entire meal was ruined. Soon afterwards we went to a concert, again someone lit up nearby. The enjoyable time I had paid for was destroyed by the harsh, bitter smell that drowned out the sound of any music. Other cities, such as Arlington, Texas have already banned smoking in restaurants, concerts, and other public areas for this very reason.

Finally, if smoking was...