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This is the process whereby plants trap the sunlight's energy in their chlorophyll and transfer carbon dioxide and water into glucose and energy.

Carbon dioxide + water ------------------- glucose + oxygen

Plants next, convert glucose into starch because starch is insoluble and it's stored easily for darker winter months.


This study was undertaken to determine the relationship of different wavelengths of light and the rate of photosynthesis in spinach leafs. The rate of photosynthesis was measured every five min under light colors of white, green, red, blue and yellow under a light intensity of 2000 lux. The rate of photosynthesis was measured by the spinach disk method in which we replaced the air from the disks with sodium bicarbonate using a vacuum. Under photosynthesis, oxygen, a product of photosynthesis, replaced the bicarbonate solution, made the disks less dense and rise to the top. The rate of photosynthesis was the greatest under white light, followed by red, blue, yellow and green, which produced no detectable photosynthesis signifying